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About Sutra 

AirKiosk Systems

Our primary business is the AirKiosk system and ASP service, the only travel distribution solution designed for the Internet. The AirKiosk system has functions equal to those of legacy IBM TPF- and Unisys USAS-based mainframe reservations systems, with the added advantages of integrated eCommerce and Revenue Management applications.

The AirKiosk system is the foundation for the AirKiosk Travel Network, an alternate CRS which will allow AirKiosk system users to directly participate in global distribution without the expense of legacy GDS and network fees.

Consulting Services

Custom consulting and development services are now a secondary activity at Sutra. Over the years we have advised such companies as Sabre, Worldspan, Atraxis, ARINC and Perot Systems on new technologies and travel distribution strategies, and provided key development staff to companies such as Lufthansa Consulting and Korean Airlines.

Sutra founded.
Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
World's first distributed client-server airline reservations system, for Shanghai Airlines and Stratus Computer.
Adaptware™ software, precursor to the AirKiosk™ system platform.
Development of the AirKiosk system begins.
Beta installation of the AirKiosk system.
Commercial installations of the AirKiosk system begin.
AirKiosk system ASP-based service introduced.
World's first self-service booking change.
World's first realtime, calendar-based Low Fare Finder.
Integrated Revenue Management data collection and mining with instant inventory update.
AirKiosk Web Content Management system.
AirKiosk "BizDeals" private web pages and microsites.
Dynamic XML web links to travel partner inventory.
AirCashier™ online voucher and money credit management.
World's first Special Services inventory control for online booking of SSRs such as WCHR.
AirXML™ API for availability-driven fares and booking from external sites.
DepartureKiosk™ Internet check-in.

Ownership & Principals

Sutra is a closely held private corporation. The company's principals are:

Novak Niketic

President. Novak is the architect and principal developer of the AirKiosk system. Novak has 28 years' experience in travel information technology and was one of the chief architects of the first global distribution system, Galileo.

Stephanie Niketic

Executive Director. Before founding Sutra, Stephanie was the chief operating officer of the Yankee Group Research, Inc. Stephanie has 26 years' experience in technology market development and consulting.

Raymond Pete

Operations Director. Ray joined Sutra as a systems administrator in 2003. Rapidly contributing to the management of the company, he was appointed Operations Director in January 2006. Ray earned his Bachelor of Science degree in computer sciences from the University of Maine.